Rose is most famous for being the flower of love. However each colour offers a distinct meaning. Red: signifies passion and love White: means innocents and purity Yellow: friendship and joy Pink: gratitude Orange: passion and energy, can also be used to express desire and pride. Lavender: Love at first sight. Blue: Blue roses cannot be achieved naturally, therefore they represent the... Read more
The symbolism associated with the iris dates back to ancient Greek mythology. The goddess ‘Iris’ in Greek mythology acted a link between heaven and earth. It is said that purple iris flowers were planted over the graves of women in order to summon the goddess to guide them with their journey to heaven. Other symbolist meanings to the flower are wisdom, cherished friendship, hope and promise in... Read more
There are many meanings to this flower; romance and prosperity. The Peony also symbolizes good fortune because of the rounded shapes of the pedals that symbolize money. In other words, the flower represents fortune in romance. People who are celebrating their anniversary are often gifted Peonies. In China the Peony symbolizes nobility and honor, it was planted in front of the imperial palace and... Read more
The Alstroemeria flower is commonly referred to by one of three nicknames – the Parrot Lily, Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas. It can be a tricky plant to grow in the UK as many avid gardeners know only too well, but persevere and it will be well worth the effort when it does finally flower in all its glory. Description Colours range from pinks and reds to whites and yellows and the petals... Read more
The genus name of Alpinia originates from Prospero Alpina, an Italian botanist who took a keen interest in exotic plants. The striking nature of this eye-catching flower means it regularly forms part of tropical flower arrangements and the leaves are also commonly used for floral decoration. Some species are even said to have medicinal properties and are used to sooth stomach complaints.... Read more
The generic name of Allium is the Latin word for garlic and there are hundreds of distinct species. As quite a hardy flower, it is popular with gardeners as it grows quite well by itself, as long as it doesn’t become water-logged. Some species are even said to have medicinal properties and are often used in home remedies. Description Colours range from deep purples and blues to light pinks,... Read more
Agapanthus is commonly referred to as Lily of the Nile or African lily, although it is not actually a lily. These bold and striking plants have become increasingly popular in recent years, fitting in well with mixed borders and containers alike. Description Agapanthuses are perennial plants that are usually grown for their impressive flowers. The most common varieties are purple and blue but... Read more