How can you tell if a flower is fresh?

Often, some customers are looking for fresh flowers, but they don’t really know whena flower is fresh. When customers have time, the Green Garden Florist team can explain. However, most of the time, our customers do not really have the time. Therefore, we thought it is better to explain through a blogpost so that, everyone can read it when It is the most convenient for them.

Everyone loves to keep their fresh cut flowers as nice as possible for a long time and there are a few caring tips that we wrote previously in our blog “how to take care of fresh cut flowers?”, if you haven’t read it yet, you can check our previous blogpost because in the end, the way you take care of the fresh flowers will have an impact on the flower’s lifetime.

These following tips will help you know when a flower is fresh.

You need to look at:

-the buds

-the stems

-the leaves

-the water

The Buds:

The Bud of a flower is the first place you should look at.

✅ The bud must be tight and firm and,

 The petals must have a bright colour.

The flower is not fresh when they have:

 wilting petals,

❌ transparency in petals and,

 petal colour’s transformation.

The Stems:

The second step is to check the stems.

Fresh flowers have:

✅ green, healthy and sturdy stems and,

✅ recent cut stems are white or light green.

Flowers that are not fresh are:

yellow or brown stem and,

brown spots on stem.


Fresh flowers have:

✅ green and fresh-looking leaves.

The leaves in flowers which are not fresh are:

❌ yellow and brown leaves, 

❌ wilted leaves,

❌ dry or wilted leaves that fall off from stems quickly.


Checking the water of the vase is another option as well.

Water should be:

✅ clean and fresh looking.

Bad conditions of the water are:

❌ murky water and,

❌ lots of dead leaves in the vase.

A murky water with lots of dead leaves is a sign that the flowers won’t last long. Do you know why? Because of the high chance of existing bacteria in the water that is harming the cells of the stems. So, the stems can’t uptake enough water and nutrition.

Knowing all these tips from our two blogposts “how can you tell if a flower is fresh?” and “how to take care of fresh cut flowers?”, you will now, be a master in recognizing fresh flowers and keeping them long. Congratulations!

If you need any more flower tips or a flower arrangement, feel free to contact Green Garden Florist, your number one quality flower company in Toronto! Our floral team will be glad to prepare bright birthday bouquets, elegant wedding arrangements or stunning flower arrangements for any occasion!

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