How to take care of fresh cut flowers?

Receiving flowers is an amazing gift and everyone loves it! However, people might not know how to take care of fresh cut flowers.

You might be wondering “why is my flower bouquet dying so soon? Why don’t my flowers last longer although they are fresh cut? What should I do with these flowers?” These are the questions that we often face and at Green Garden Florist we do our best to give the best possible answer to our clients. Because your happiness and satisfaction are our top priorities.

At first, it is important to know that different fresh cut flowers have different lifetime: Some can last longer and some less. But these tips will help you make your flowers last longer. Flowers are like children! Like a child needs bath, feeding and caring; flowers need people to take care of them as well! You need to cut the stems, change the water and add nutrition.

But, how and how often?
-Prepare your vase:   Wash your vase with warm water and soap. Then, rinse it well until there is no soap on it.
-Add nutrition:  Add one or half of the flower nutrition package (you can get it from your florist, or you can a bit of sugar.)
-Pour water: Pour fresh water in your clean vase.
-Cut the stems and remove the foliage (leaves): cut about an inch of stems at a 45-degree angle and remove the leaves that are under the water line. Put the flowers in the water quickly after cutting.

-Repeat these steps every 2 days.

Why should I cut flower stems at an angle?

It is a very question! Cutting at a 45-degree angle will increase the flowers to uptake more water and nutrition to last longer. Straight cuts may lead the stems to sit at the bottom of the vase and uptake less water and nutrition.

How much flower nutrition should I add in water?

The amount of nutrition depends on the quantity of flowers. For example; for 2 or 3 stem roses, half of the nutrition package is enough but when you have more flowers then you definitely need one or 2 little packages.

What is it good to cut flowers?

It is better to use a sharp clean knife or very sharp pair of scissors. Cutting with kitchen scissors or scissors that that are not sharp is not recommended as it can squish the cells at the bottom of the stems and the flowers might not take enough water and nutrition.

How to take care of hydrangeas and make them last longer?

Did you know that hydrangeas are long lasting flowers? Some people think they die quickly but  the secret to make them last longer is to spray water on their petals or bath them in your sink  with cold water. Leave the flowers in water for about 2 hours and again cut the stems at a 45-  degree angle and put in water quickly.

What is a good temperature for fresh cut flowers?

Flowers last longer in cooler places but, please don’t put your flowers in front of air conditioner!

One useful tip is cutting the stems when you just got a flower bouquet. If the flowers are not in water, foam or vase please cut the stems before putting them at vase. Because the bottom of the stems gets dry and the flowers won’t take enough water and nutrition.

Also, are you interested in knowing how to recognize whether a flower is fresh? Don’t forget to check our second blog post about fresh cut flowers called :”How can you tell a flower is fresh?”

If you need any more flower tips or a flower arrangement, feel free to contact Green Garden Florist, your number one quality flower company in Toronto! Our floral team will be glad to prepare bright birthday bouquets, elegant wedding arrangements or stunning flower arrangements for any occasion!

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