What flowers or plants are good for hospitals or nursing homes?

Flowers are thoughtful gifts for people who do not feel well and by sending them flower arrangements, you also send them hope, express your love and wish them to recover quickly. 

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Today, we will be talking about what kind of flowers and plants are good for hospitals, nursing homes.

Gerberas are very happy-looking flowers that look like sunshine.


Irises are wonderful flowers because the contrast of the colours blue, which helps reduce stress and yellow which expresses hope and happiness is beautiful.

Alstroemerias are one of the best flowers that you can send to someone’s house or hospital. They do not contain pollen and last for a long time.

Daisies are bright and cheerful for “get well soon” flowers. They usually remind us of spring with its beauty. Daisies look even nicer, especially when they are mixed with gerberas, roses and irises in a flower arrangement.

Hydrangeas look nice in a “get well soon” flower bouquet, especially when they are designed with other flowers like roses, gerberas and lisianthus.

Seasonal flowers are mostly referred to tulips, hyacinth, peonies, dahlias, daffodils. They are great and cheerful choices for spring and summer.

However, if you would like to send a flower arrangement to hospitals, nursing homes or retirement homes, hypoallergenic flowers like lilies, stocks, freesias and hyacinths are preferred since some people are allergic to flowers. However, if the recipient is at home you definitely can choose among the flowers listed above.

Also, if you consider getting a “get well soon” flower bouquet, here are some useful tips:

  • Do not be afraid of choosing colourful flowers,
  • It is better to choose flowers based on the season
  • Choose long-lasting flowers
  • Choose flowers or plants that you can easily take care of.

“Is it better to send fresh cut bouquets or vase arrangements to hospitals?”

We recommend vase arrangements for hospitals, retirement homes and offices. The reason is because flowers are perishable products and if they are offered without water they will die quickly. Some hospitals, nursing homes and retirement homes have extra vases but when you are sending flower gifts  you might want to know:

      whether there are any extras vases,

      – whether there is anyone who can take care of the flower bouquet,

      – whether there are the right size of the vase.

Therefore, it is safer for flowers and more convenient for your recipient to have flowers in a vase to give the flowers a longer life-span.

“What kind of plants are good for “get well soon” flower gifts?”

Sending green plants or blooming plants is a wonderful idea for a  “get well soon” gift because they last longer. You are able to send any blooming plants, green plants or dish garden for home but for hospitals and nursing homes, you will need to choose small plants that do not take a lot of room so that the patient can put them on the side table or next to the window.

Some plant ideas for getting well soon are: 

Orchid planters are beautiful gifts as their beautiful blooms last long and they are plants easy to take care of.

Succulent planters are so popular nowadays and are great gifts. These plants are special because they are nice and small, easy to take care of and also do not need that much water or light. 

Little green plants as single plants or small dish gardens are awesome gifts mostly for men like peace lilies, Sansevieria, Dracaena and jade plants.

Little flowering plants are good for men and women, like  Gerbera, African violets, azalea, little rose bush, guzmania or calla lilies.

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