What kind of flower is good for him?

If you are thinking to get a flower arrangement for your dad, son, boyfriend, husband, your co-worker or whoever that you like to make him happy, you might be still wondering “what is a good gift for him?!”. Don’t worry, with the Green Garden Florist team, you will be able to choose the best flower for him.

What kind of flowers are appropriate for him?

If you would like to send plants, these are good options:
• White Phalaenopsis orchids,
• Anthuriums,
• Peace lilies,
• Dish garden plants.
• Cactus or succulent planters.
Plants are a great choice for every spot or office as they bring elegance and the beauty of nature with themselves.

And, if you would like to gift them fresh cut flowers, these flowers are great choices:
• Anthuriums,
• Roses,
• Bird of paradise,
• Asiatic lilies,
• Irises.
• Gerberas,
• Cymbidium orchids.

What colours are good for men?

It is a great question! Because, we believe that the colours are more important than the type of flowers. For example; a bouquet with white tips, assorted colours of red or orange are a great choice as a spring gift bouquet, but a bouquet of pink and purple tulips are definitely not a good choice for men.
For men we recommend neutral or masculine colours like, white, red, blue, orange, yellow ad even dark purple. If he is your son, dad, boyfriend, partner or husband you can get red roses but if the person is not that much close you can get a mix colourful flower bouquet or arrangement.

Which style bouquet or arrangement is good for him?

For bouquet, we recommend a bit loose round bouquet with greenery and fillers or a flat bouquet that is arranged with nice leaves and fillers. The compact bouquets (hand tied, tight and full of flowers) are not really a good choice for men as it might look like bridal bouquets.

For arrangements (in vase or container), we highly recommend mix of flowers in neutral or masculine colours with a bit of fillers and greenery. It can also be a compact arrangement of loose with greenery.

Is it a good idea to buy flowers for men?

Nowadays, more people are buying flowers for their partner, husband, friend and family members. Men can feel happy, be surprised and proud of receiving flowers. It’s good to remind our loved ones that we are thinking about them and we love them. Flower power is something that no one can deny it, it is a part of nature that brings peace, happiness and joy.

Now, by knowing all these information, take a deep breath and start to think what he would like. Sending flowers for his birthday, a new achievement, new place or business will definitely make him happier and gives him more energy to achieve his goals!

If you need any more flower tips or a flower arrangement, feel free to contact Green Garden Florist, your number one quality flower company in Toronto! Our floral team will be glad to prepare bright birthday bouquets, elegant wedding arrangements or stunning flower arrangements for any occasion!

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